4th Meeting: Social Blunders

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In which the Gents discuss horrifying social blunders they have witnessed, committed, or heard about on good authority, as well as the manner in which social blunders may be dealt with and recovered from word 2016 handbuch pdf download kostenlos.

On the agenda:

  1. Opening Toast, by Mr. Jesse Keller
  2. An application for League Membership
  3. Open discussion on “Social Blunders:
  4. Words of Advice: Do as the Locals Do, by Andy Trimlett
  5. Closing Toast
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3 responses

  1. Excellent work gentleman. I am home sick from work today and these hilarious blunder stories were the perfect remedy.

    • Dear Sophia,
      Be it sickness, boredom or a need to laugh at the misfortune of others, the LGA is proud to be a remedy for what ails you. Honestly, we gentlemen are pleased as punch (Rum-punch, of course) that you are listening and laughing. We think we are hillarius, but it’s nice to have independent confirmation of the fact.

      If you can make yourself a hot toddie right before you try to sleep, I highly recomend it. I ‘m not a doctor, but it helps me get to sleep. There are whiskey, rum and Brandy variants, go with what you like. If you can get someone else to make you one, all the better.

      This one is good:
      1/2 ounce brandy or rum (or both)
      1 tsp honey
      1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
      hot tea, (i suggest a decaf variety)

      Brew the tea. Mix the booze, honey and lemon in a mug, then fill with tea. Cuddle up in a blanket and sip yourself to sleep. Really tough colds are resistant, and may need more than one toddy.

      Get better soon, adventure is waiting!

      -Lee Alexander Dunteman
      Chief Epicure and Ethnomixologist

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