7th Meeting: Mt. Laguna Air Force Station

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Wherein the Gents discuss their recent expedition to the abandoned Mount Laguna Airforce station, and how cocktails were made, and how Mr. Lee prepared a version of military food that is fit for gentlemanly consumption herunterladen. Also, in this meeting, two new Gents are welcomed to the podcast.

On the Agenda:

  1. Opening Toast, by Gregory
  2. Open Discussion on the subject of The Expedition to Mt happy mod herunterladen. Laguna Air Force Station.
  3. Closing Toast, lead by Lee

3 responses

  1. omg!!! this one killed me! i loved it. lee, your technical terms for the gates and the doors were the best.o yeah and ummmm the food!!!! dear god i was STARVING by the time you finished talking about it. 🙂 good work gents.

  2. We’re glad you enjoyed it. If we can rouse Gentlemen Lee out of his food coma, we’ll get him to post some of the info and pictures of what we had. I promise you, it was delicious.

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