Gregory’s Gallery: Floating Away

I’m quite happy with how this picture turned out, mostly because of the explanation I got when I presented it to the other Gentlemen. Someone mentioned matter-of-factly what was happening in the picture, at which point an entire discussion occured regarding what everyone else thought was going on letters. No two people had the same answer and that was exactly what I wanted out of this. So please, if you enjoy this piece, feel free to post your first thoughts on what you believe is happening in this picture windows xp for mac for free. Doesn’t have to be epic or poetic, I just really love to hear the story that people come up with in their heads when they look at this.

What do you think is happening here?

So, now that there are at least a couple posts, I’ll go ahead and give my thoughts on this picture herunterladen.

In my version, this was the dirigible Captain’s mistress and he was floating away from her to head back home. She reclines nude at the window (a reminder of what he’s leaving behind) with his goggles, a small reminder of him, and dreams of the next time their paths cross again.

So that’s my version, and it was Gentleman Lee mentioning that she was a cat burglar of some kind and was escaping from the dirigible that made me first realize that people saw this piece completely different. Another friend mentioned that she was the Captain of the vessel above her and was relaxing having just returned from some far off land. Little details like whether or not she’s nude or wearing a bodysuit, coming or going, at home or breaking and entering… everyone seems to see their versions of these details as fact.  I’m sure there’s some sort of meaning behind what people see in this piece, however I’ll leave that analysis to others.

If anyone else has any other thoughts or stories on what’s happening here, please feel free to continue posting. I love to read them.

7 responses

  1. Clearly a loft apartment with one of those wide window seals. A beautiful day relaxing near the window, with a view of the city and a passing air ship. Sussex old money one should think, yes?

  2. I believe my story was that it’s the morning after her last night with her man, who is sailing away on the dirigible, perhaps never to return. He gave her the goggles to remember him by.

  3. She just parachuted in from the Zeppelin (wearing a lavender latex catsuit as, of course, all sexy female spies do), absconding with mission-critical enemy information. Moments later, the aircraft will burst into flames and a satisfied smile will cross her lips.

  4. The goggles are a memento from a lover long-gone. She was laying around on a lazy summer afternoon when she heard the dirigible and thought of him.

  5. Man, I was way off. I somehow assumed her to be a dissatisfied housewife who, in order to compensate for her vapid sex life, tapes herself making a Miss America acceptance speech in the nude, using old goggles in place of a tiara and a belt instead of sash. She just happens to have a bizarre poster of a cityscape and Zeppelin in her attic she uses as a backdrop and at the very last second, remembers the name of an actor who was on the tip of her tongue at last night’s dinner party. “Oh, Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen!”

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