Hans Cottage Botel

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The Hans Cottage Botel, mentioned by Andy and me in our recent  LGA meeting as one of our strangest accommodation experiences, has a website.  The copy on the site mentions the inhabitants of their lagoon – also a point of podcast discussion – and includes one which we forgot.  How could we fail to mention that our hotel (pardon me – our botel) was built over a crocodile-infested body of water music download mobile app for free?

Also, and I’ll ask Andy to back me up on this, I believe that the gentleman pictured on the homepage may be the one who, in our story, was asked to remedy the coffee/tea mixup movies mp4 for free.

In any case, if you ever find yourself near Cape Coast, Ghana (not Kumasi, as we stated on the podcast), and are in the mood for a… unique hotel experience, we highly recommend the Hans Cottage Botel mp3 download kostenlos musik downloaden.


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  1. Wow, the boatel. I heard about it, and I believed it, but seeing it is awesome. I don’t think I would have believed the part about the crocodile lagoon, but there it is.

    Good show.


  2. Dear Lord, please never let me be in a police lineup with Jesse on the other side of the window.

    Mr. Jesse, I will have to officially decline your request for backup on identifying that man as the protagonist from our story. Except for the fact that that man has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and appears to be of African descent, he doesn’t look even remotely like the coffee/tea guy.

    But looking at these photos does make me a bit nostalgic for the botel. That place was great.

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