St Brendan’s Boat and the LGA Curios Cabinet

We mentioned the official LGA Curios Cabinet in our last podcast when Gentleman Jesse presented us with the plaque of St Brendan’s Boat, so I thought I’d present some pictures of both for our listeners vlc herunterladen chip. The plaque represents the possible discovery of America by St Brendan in his leather canoe some 1000 years before Columbus.

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We’re proud to add this to our curios cabinet which houses such treasures as our petrified zombie heart, breast enlargement cookies from Japan, shell casings from our shooting adventure, sandstone from Petra, ancient Byzantine coins and many other things collected during our travels.


A cabinet full of mystery

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  1. Wow, we need to tidy up the curios cabinet apparently. Those lower levels barely receive any light! Ah well, such is the cross to bear for having too many treasures…

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