Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society: Infernal Machines

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My fellow G.A., Mr Gregory Bass, is a connoisseur of steampunk style and design, and, while I’ve not delved into that particular subculture as deeply as he, Greg has inspired me to enjoy the odd steampunk fashion spread or art project.  So when I saw a review of Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society’s new album “Infernal Machines” in which Mr limango app herunterladen. Argue was quoted describing his group as a “steampunk big band,” I figured that I owed it a listen.  I can safely say that it is the best jazz record of the year, and probably my favorite jazz album since Brad Mehldau’s “Largo” from 2002 – possibly even including that fine record access database for free microsoft.  It has a great, unified sense of mood, and, unlike so many recent jazz albums, it’s fun to listen to – all without sacrificing its boundary-pushing jazz estotericness hoe kan je robloxen.  This is certainly music to adventure by, though I leave it to Greg to say whether there’s anything “steampunk” about  it besides the graphic design herunterladen.


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