King Cocktail Gives the Same Advice as Lee


I stumbled on this excellent video of one of America’s greatest bartenders, Dale DeGroff (aka, King Cocktail).  Towards the middle of the video, he offers the same advice that our gent Lee gave during one of our “Drinking” podcasts.  Trust your bartender, and try the stuff you think you don’t like.  Also, check out that technique with the cocktail shaker…

Making a Morning Glory Fizz with Dale DeGroff from Zagat Buzz on Vimeo app zum lieder herunterladen.

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  1. I should also point out that we have Dale DeGroff’s book The Craft of the Cocktail on the bar at LGA Manor. This is the man that inspires our own Chief Ethanolmixologist and is probably responsible for most of our best (and some of our worst) drinking moments.

  2. I first saw Dale DeGroff maybe 10 years ago on a tv clip about making a real martini. The thing that caught my eye was that he had a knife roll, like a chef. Inside were his tools; muddlers, openers, strainers, knives, channel cutters etc. This was the first time I had seen a bartender with his own play set (all my bartenders ask to borrow knives and garnish tools). Instead of ignoring the show I paid attention and was well rewarded, and so were my friends. I make a great martini.

    Oh, and buy “The Craft of the Cocktail”!

    -Lee Dunteman

  3. WooW! Dale DeGroff sure is talented! He maybe doing this for a very long time to be this good. Bartending is not easy, i tried it but i gave up. I’m not good with bottles and stuff.

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