Spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch. What did you bring?

Now, I am not stating that one should carry all of the following at the same time (as that would seriously interfere with your mobility), what I am saying is that these things are invaluable in circumstances when nothing else will do.

Uh, guys... little help!

I now present the top ten(ish) list of gentlemanly adventuresome accouterments…

1.   Knife; all other basic tools simulate what man can do. A knife does what man cannot; cut!
2. Lighter; not much light, but the possibilities are endless.
3.  Pistol; close up, at range or simply on the hip, a pistol is useful and reassuring.

 Double-Barreled Wheellock Pistol of Emperor Charles V

4.  (clean) Handkerchief; what else does one offer a person in need?
5.  Sword; less tool, more business.
6.  Flask of brandy/scotch/bourbon; fortifies the soul and is flammable!

Now THAT is a flask!

7.  Rope; geting to and from, securing “distractions”, personal uses
8.  Compass; lets face it, you get lost.
9.  Boots; stylish, protective and waterproof,with a good sole for walking and a stiff toe for kicking.

What?  That is what boots look like.

10.  Gloves; pick up hot/cold/gross things, and no fingerprints.
11.  Brimmed hat; keeps out sun and rain, looks mysterious.
12.  Soap and shaving kit; you may have a date or an audience.
13.  Towel; sunshade, clothing, disguise, makeshift knapsack, always know where it is.
14.  Whip; scares off animals, swing across chasms, personal uses.

Wow... uh, wow!
15.  Riding crop: spur your equine companion to great feats of speed, personal uses. 
16.  Collared coat; until you have spent time in a cold climate a rise-able collar is meaningless, looks smashing with brimmed hat.
17.  Journal; write down only the things that show you and yours in the best light, frequently the only testament to a failed adventure.
18.  Flashlight; more light, less heat; also serves as a bludgeon.
19.  Guts/balls/intestinal fortitude; when you have nothing else, but have no other option
 Will you be remembered for the time you didn't try to win?
Well, sure it is more than ten.  I don’t want success, I want excess!

-Lee Dunteman

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