12th Meeting: Driving

Gentleman Hunter takes over Sergeant at Arms duties as the Gents discuss the art of responsible transportation via gas powered motorcarriages… That’s fancy for cars…

On the Agenda:

1.   Opening Toast, by Mr Lee Dunteman
2.   Open Discussion on Cars, Motorcycles and all things motorized transportation
3.   Advice from a Gentleman: Gentleman Hunter suggests always picking the right vehicle for the right job
4.   Closing Toast, by all of the Gents

2 responses

  1. 1. I have undying respect for the Land Rover Range Rover. I was once rescued from a muddy, possibly landmine-filled, rice field in Cambodia by a large Scotsman in Land Rover Range Rover with “Red Cross De-Mining” stenciled on the side.

    2. Andy – the insane taxi was, I’m pretty sure, a Peugeot 504 standard issue Bush Taxi.

    3. Best car I ever drove? Hands down the 1972 Buick Centurion.

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