How to Make a Gin and Tonic

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After a bit of a slumber – I assure you we were off on many an adventurous escapade, we bring you this video in which Lee Dunteman, Chief Ethanolmixologist of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers, shares how he makes the perfect gin and tonic windows 10 update neu herunterladen. He recommends two ounces of gin, six to eight ounces of tonic water (preferably Fever Tree), and a squeeze of citrus herunterladen.

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  1. Great video, Gents! Though I must say I can ‘t remember the last time I saw Lee mix a G&T with a mere 2 oz of gin…

    Also, what about leaving your limes in the glass, so as to remember how many you have consumed?

  2. I HAD to get the recipe! I have been missing Lee’s Gin and Tonic since I was served several at an LGA gathering and Croquet tournament awhile ago. I haven’t had one as good since then! Not even the Bull and Bear at the Waldorf can beat Lee’s drink!!

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