A Bitter Shortage

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As some of you may have noticed, the world has (since September of last year) been experiencing a steadily worsening shortage which could very well have shaken the foundation of LGA Manor tacx cycling app films. I was shocked to find that none of the major networks had the courage to even mention this story, much less give it the full 24 hour coverage it deserved typo3 kostenlos.
Perhaps they were simply trying to avoid sparking a worldwide panic, but the world deserved to know just how close to the brink it really was herunterladen. I speak of course, about the shortage of Angostura bitters (fortunately the LGA Manor has a set of reserves for just these sorts of emergencies).
Only one journalist had the integrity to give the public the information it was so thirsty for. Rachel Maddow covered this important story in her brilliant “Cocktail Moment” segment recently. And not only was she brave enough to bring this shortage to light, but before she did so, she provided two excellent cocktail recipes (while also mentioning bitters crucial role in cocktails in general). As the Gents are notoriously poor listeners unless we have an adult drink of some kind in hand, starting a segment by providing the drink (which I’m currently sipping while I type and watch) is not only a tremendous service, but damned good sense.
I highly recommend you check out her segment on the thankful end of this shortage as well as her recipes. Oh, and I may be a terrible person, but personally I enjoy a twist of lemon in just about any drink. I do however, completely agree with Rachel’s assessment that putting a cherry in a Manhattan only takes up valuable space that could very well be used for more cocktail

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  1. Harrumph harrumph! I must admit to being a fan of cherries in both the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned cocktails, but not just any cherry. The problem is those damned candy red Maraschino cherries, as they have no place in a drink other than a Shirley Temple. I heartily recommend French brandied cherries, there are many brands you can find at nicer beverage outlets, or even buy online. My usual is Les Parisiennes. Try them, you will not be disappointed.

    -Lee Dunteman

  2. I actually had noticed that my local BevMo was always out of bitters. Not just Angostura, but Peychaud too. I’m actually running low, so it’s a relief to hear they’re back…

  3. Cherries in drinks rank only slightly higher than limes in my opinion. That said, those French brandied cherries are pretty damn good.

    And Jesse, let that be a lesson to prepare a cocktail emergency kit. Keep it in a safe place for use in both cocktail emergencies and regular emergencies, during which I can almost guarantee you’ll want a cocktail!

  4. I am simply outraged! What is the world coming too?? No bitters? Not sure what worries me more; that or the recession….

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