A Call to Adventure: The Return to Ghost Mountain!

A cold wind has been blowing across LGA Manor recently. The shadows fall a bit longer across the floor. Noises heard that cannot be explained. Is it the last throes of winter herunterladen? Perhaps my tinnitus acting up again? Or is it something more sinister? Something… supernatural? It’s time to put these unexplained occurrences, these spectral suppositions to rest my friends sims 3 einfach tierisch herunterladen. It’s time to announce the LGA’s next adventure. It’s time… for our Return to Ghost Mountain!

Okay, technically we’ll be just next to Ghost Mountain (at an abandoned Stage Coach line) herunterladen. But since Return to Just Next to Ghost Mountain doesn’t have the same ring to it, we’ll call this… Return to the Shadow of Ghost Mountain! Spooky, eh?

For those of you who have listened to our first trek out to Ghost Mountain, you’ll remember that the Gents don’t really believe in spooks, spectres or ghosts. We’re “open to it”, but that basically means that short of a Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man stomping through downtown, we’re not really going to be committing to any supernatural explanations. So we’re hoping that we can get a couple people who do believe to come out with us to Ghost Mountain. See, we want to make sure that the spirits have every opportunity to manifest. We want to make sure that the ghosts are at fault if we come back with no ghost stories of our own.

Now, this will be taking place on May 27th on the night of the full moon, which is the Thursday before the Memorial Day weekend. I know that’s coming up fairly quickly, but really people, if there’s one thing I’ve tried to teach you it’s to be ready for adventure whenever it presents itself! So grab that emergency cocktail kit (you do HAVE an emergency cocktail kit, don’t you?) and some camping gear and come out and join us! We’ll have our Chief Epicure and Ethanolmixologist on hand to prepare some amazing food and drink and with the rest of the gents there, we’re sure to get up to some sort of shenanigans. Oh, also, we may prove that whole life after death thing… so there are several reasons to be there!

Here’s how the participation break-down will occur. If you’d like to come along and provide your own food and drink and such, then please feel free to do so. We’d absolutely love to have you. If you’d like to have food and/or drink  prepared for you by our very own Epicure, we’ll ask for a small fee to help us cover the costs. Gentleman Lee will be putting up a menu shortly along with the final costs. So if you’re up for adventure, let us know as soon as possible so we can save you a spot! I hope to see you all there!

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