What To Do When You Discover 200 Year-Old Champagne

clickshare herunterladen

There may well be a long-lost chapter of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers in Sweden.

Recently a team of adventurers was diving in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Sweden, and while exploring a shipwreck, they discovered bottles of champagne that are over 200 years old herunterladen.  By far the oldest ever found, and, according to one estimate, worth almost $70,000 each.

Now, that is certainly an adventure, but it’s not why I believe LGA members may have been present herunterladen.  This is why:

The first thing they did when they got back onto the boat was to pop one open and drink it.

Mr. Ekstrom & co., today I raise my glass to you and say, Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu herunterladen.  You embody the spirit of Gentleman Adventuring.

And, gentle reader, I ask you: were you on that boat, wouldn’t you have done the same?


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  1. What else should, or even could one do in that situation??!!
    Is there really any other option? I believe not. 🙂

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