Seedy Soiree: Halloween with The Burning of Rome

Don your masks, sharpen your fangs, and perfect your impish grin! Halloween is upon us!  It’s the time of year when the wall between this world and the next crumbles to dust.  Spirits evil and vile will be free to cross over and walk among us.  But do not fear.  The centuries have proven that these spirits can be fooled.  All you must do is make them believe you are one of them.  So for one night, become a devil, a demon, a ghost or a goblin – any wicked creature of your imagination – and join us at this nefarious drinking establishment.  The LGA is hard at work preparing a host of decorations to transform the Ruby Room into a delightful nightmare.  Entertainment shall begin with a never-before-seen burlesque fetish freakshow, Pink Boombox.  Then, we shall have a ghoul’s night out with the most devilish band in the land, The Burning of Rome, who will be performing an entire set of songs by The Misfits.

Event Details:
Seedy Soiree
Nighttime, Saturday, October 30th
The Ruby Room, 1271 University Ave, San Diego
Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 or for $12 in the online presale.

Please let us know your coming on Facebook!

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