Whiskey neat or on the rocks?

Gin or Vodka in a martini?

Eggs for breakfast or Bloody Marys for brunch?

These are easy to answer* herunterladen.  The true struggle of man over himself is whether to embrace the proper and accommodating Gentleman or side with the devil may care Adventurer.  At no time in recent memory has this psychological tug-of-war been closer to the forefront of modern consciousness than now patience gratis downloaden voor ipad. The inter-tubes rage over who’s trouser bottom truly belongs in the chap hop throne; Professor Elemental or Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer?

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I was fortunate to have listened to both of these retro-modern word smiths on The Clockwork Cabaret, a reliably fun Internet-radio show put on by the lovely Davenport Sisters, out of the Carolinas.  I was tickled by the anti urban message of Mr. B, and entertained with the good Professors’ splendid lifestyle.  I just assumed (shame on me) that they were cohorts, players on the same team competing against the dull and overstated radio hits.  Oh, how wrong I was.

The problem I have is this; I really like the pith helmeted (less gentlemanly) adventurer found in Prof. Elemental, he has a rough and ready for fisticuffs sort of feel, but I find myself drawn to the (less adventurous) gentlemanly class and propriety of Mr.B.  Not the least of my favorites is this, quite polished, gem.

Just look into each of them, and enjoy the richness of their style.

-Lee Dunteman

*As you like it.  Gin, please.  Always bet on brunch!

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  1. I really never expected to weigh in on a “rap battle” as I believe the kids call them. But I guess there’s a first time for everything.

    I believe Mr B. is more technically proficient rapper, but I’ve got to give this one to Professor Elemental based on character alone. I mean come on, the man has a pith helmet!

  2. I must call it for the Professor.

    I like Mr. B’s banjoline but I can’t say I can much for his rap… His voice gets on my nerves.

    It would be good to see them “killin’ it for nerd-hop” as equals but I guess the drama fans the flames more.

    Kindest Regards,
    J.J. Featherstone

  3. In Re: Footnotes — Lee, you got two out of three spot on, but I’d have to say that the whiskey question is actually requires a bit more clarification.

    Any scotch whisky worth drinking should be enjoyed neat, while your American and Irish whiskeys can often benefit from a few nice lumps of ice, both to cool and to cut them.

  4. Just today I “earned” a bottle of Glenlivet from one of my collegues. I had helped him sell his Telecaster on Craig’s list and that was my reward.
    Neat definitely wins the day.

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