Of Snowcapped Mountains, Giant Fish, and Naval Combat

Tall Ship Combat
My brother Kellen is on the precipice of falling from the not-nearly-as-noble-as-advertised bachelor ranks tvnow videos herunterladen. As I was unable to attend his bachelor party weekend, I offered to join him on a bicycling jaunt around town. He graciously accepted and the result was a day of snowcapped mountains, giant fish, and naval combat, which you might have guessed from the title of this post magenta sport.
As Kellen’s idea of a bachelor party puts a great deal of stress on the “gentleman” half of “gentlemen adventurer,” the end of his life as an independent, thinking person had a much different tone than similar celebrations in the League’s history icloud fotomediathek alle fotos herunterladen. And by that, I mean the mountains we saw were actual mountains. We met downtown, hopped on our respective bikes and rode 10.8 miles (if Google is to be trusted) to Cabrillo National Monument prosieben app downloaden.

San Diego Panoramic - from Cabrillo

On the way, we passed through the Navy’s Point Loma base musik umsonsten. Talk about prime real estate! If the US government ever decided to abandon the defense of the Pacific coastline, they could make a pretty penny off of the sale of that land strategiespieleen. Keep that in mind, politicians. That’s a plan that can’t possibly fail twice.

Click on the link for giant fish!

As you can see in the photo above,  the view would not have been better if we had painted it.  Not only had it just rained, thus giving the city a well-deserved wash, but snow – real snow kostenlose klingeltöne für handy herunterladen! – had fallen in the mountains behind the city.  Hordes of cameras rode rampant around the monument.  One lens was easily three feet long.  My brother surmised that they were all trying to recreate the cash cow cover photo of the San Diego Union-Tribune from a couple years back.  I did the best I could without a tripod, a plan, or a love cityscape photography.  I have to say, I wasn’t terribly disappointed in the results of my photography in the second degree because we usually don’t photograph during the night, but we had a good lens and hard hat lights for the job so it made the ride much easier herunterladen.

After a stroll around the monument, we hopped back on our bikes and sped down the hill.  Kellen, using his dual advantage of being in better shape and having a bike with working gears, thoroughly trounced me on the return trip.  At the bottom of the hill, lunchtime struck.  Being just a few blocks away, my brother suggested we try Point Loma Seafoods, which is something of a San Diego institution navigationskarten medion kostenlos downloaden.

Caught Fish

“If only we hadn’t tied these ropes in our mouths.” -Fish

We discovered that we had timed our arrival with that of an entire fishing boat full giant monster death fish, which were being unloaded right onto the sidewalk/patio area in front of the fish market herunterladen. As I have been fishing before, I knew that such monstrous fishes could only be caught either by using the best braided line or a large hook net. Kellen identified the fish as Yellowfin Tuna, basing his assumption off of the presence of yellow fins.  He thinks he’s so smart.  Half a dozen fisherfolk (I assume that’s the politically correct term), sat around the edges, basking in their general awesomeness while a collection of men looked for the best fish to cook up and serve. Actually, they looked Asian, and there are zogs of sushi places around, so more than likely they were planning on not cooking them before they served them.  Shortly before leaving, we saw a guy preparing to put a five-foot long tuna wrapped in paper into a pickup truck full of gardening equipment.  In hindsight, I realize that we should have stayed to watch that ridiculous endeavor.

After a meal of Ono fish tacos and a tuna samich, we headed back to downtown.  On the way there, we heard cannon fire off in the water.  I feel like a bit of a dork having been able to immediately identify cannon fire from tall ships by the sound, but mostly, I just feel awesome.  Sticking to the road next to the water for the next half mile, we came to a stop next to an absolutely perfect vantage point to see a glorious exchange of fire between ships.  Click here now to see it. Not a bad way to end the day.

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  1. The San Diego Panoramic photo is just awesome. I like it. It really feels beautiful and attractive. How I wish I can be there now but I am still here in the office doing a lot of tasks. Well, this is life, I just have to wait.

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