Boat Drinks at Bahooka

After a long desert hike and a failed attempt at camping in Joshua Tree National Park (it turns out just showing up on Saturday afternoon is not a good way to secure a campsite), Laura and I made the long drive back home to Santa Monica super mario spiele download kostenlos.  Fortunately, we realized we’d be passing near Rosemead, and could make a stop at Bahooka, a tiki bar and restaurant where tropical fish outnumber people, after this we wanted to take a ride on a boat with some friends, we filled the boat storage with wine and all safety kit for the tour herunterladen.

Laura had some fruity concoction whose name escapes me, and I had a Zombie.  They were both excellent, as far as fruity tiki drinks go; tangy, with plenty of rum, and tasting not at all like a Jolly Rancher adobe professional downloaden.  The couple next to us at the bar ordered something that arrived in a bowl, with two straws, and on fire.

Bahooka gets the Official LGA Seal of Approval images from iphone 8.

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