UPDATE! Croquet Time Again… just a later than we thought…

The Second Annual Invitational International
Croquet Tournament and Symposium:

Saturday May 21st starting at 11am coole schriftartenen kostenlos!

The tournament will take place at the corner of Presidents Way and Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

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Sorry for any confusion, but due to circumstances beyond even the LGA, we’ve found it necessary to push the date back for the Second Annual Invitational International Croquet Tournament and Symposium herunterladen.

So update your calenders folks, because the IICTS will now be happening in Balboa Park on Saturday, May 21st! Nothing else has changed azure ad connect herunterladen! We’ll start at 11am and the entry fee is still just $10! Reserve your space below!

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We will be providing just about anything you’ll need including free food, free champagne cocktails and all of the croquet equipment (although you’re more than welcome to bring your personal croquet mallet!) what a wonderful sport you can have fun and stay healthy, and if you click here you will find great ways to get back in shape with a wonderful drink video youtube. This year There will be prizes and awards for the winners and we’ll also have some genuine LGA goods for sale as well, so be sure to bring cash (this will also be handy when bribing the judges)!

Attendees are not required to dress up, but as you can see from the pictures of last years tournament, we did have a few people who decided to do so. We absolutely encourage this and look forward to seeing you all there!

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  1. We do hope so! The Pay Pal button was not working earlier, but it has been corrected now! Please feel free to try again and we look forward to seeing you there!

  2. I did not mean to be rude. However, I am trying to pay the $10 fee to attend this event and I keep getting errors. What am I doing wrong? Oh well, my Champagne Pepsi is running low . . . I will take a moment to refill and upon my return, I hope to be able to spend some of my Cabana Boys’ money to attend this lovely outing! “The Lady M”

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