The Theory of the Double Saturday

As it is now summertime- the American season for family holidays- it occurs to me that I have been remiss in my duties as a Gentleman Adventurer.  I believe it is our duty to share our collected and earned wisdom, preferably in long form humorous storytelling.  If that fails, then it must be posted on a blog adobe acrobat reader dc download free pdf-viewer for.

The most enjoyable part of a vacation is the knowledge that you do not have to work the next day, it frees the mind and soul, removes anxiety, and is really the point of the whole vacation (apart from the adventure angle).

-Here comes the story part-

When I was traveling in Spain (Grenada, I believe) with Capt. Dr. Jesse Frydenlund Keller GA, DoGA (impressive, right?) we were discussing which weekend day was the best games for free in full german.  Among the contestants were Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday night is great because it’s the dam breaking richtiges minecraften.  The stress of the work week is still fresh, like a hand shaped welt on your face after a particularly inappropriate (and of course, funny) quip.  Friday has the most irresponsible energy.

Sunday is a Bloody Mary; vitamin rich, rejuvenating, spicy and bracing, gently alcoholic songs youtube for free.  It’s the day you sleep in, take stock, wash your work clothes while watching T.V. and figure out which weekend stories you can tell at work on Monday.  Sunday rests on its laurels.

Saturday… where do I start herunterladen?  You still have the kinetic adventure energy of a Friday night, but the potential adventure energy of one more full night of sleep before work.  Saturday is the day you get up, do stuff, shower, and then have a crazy wild night.  Saturday nights are energetic and reckless, because you have all day to plan and all Sunday to recuperate.

We held an impromptu (id est, “official and binding”) Gentleman Adventurers court, and declared Saturday to be the best weekend day herunterladen.

-Here comes the part we like to call “The Point”.-

Then it hit us; when you are on vacation, every day is like a Saturday.  The day before was “Friday”, after which you have two days off.  Today is “Saturday”, as you don’t have to work tomorrow, which would be “Sunday”, because you have at least one more day before Monday herunterladen.  But when you get to tomorrow it’s still “Saturday”!

When your “Vacation Saturday”, coincides with a “Regulation Saturday”, it is an Official LGA Certified “Double Saturday” (patent pending) and deserves special observance!

As such, Gentleman Adventurers should use the Double Saturday as additional impetus (excuse, if you will) to enjoy that great meal, buy that drink, get that expensive room, jump out of that aeroplane, and haggle with that tout bewerbung layout downloaden!  The Double Saturday is to be revered as the best of what you can make of your vacation (Adventure!), be it outdoor excursion, questionable tribal meal, or excessive hotel luxury.

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The spirit of adventure resides in all of us, but each of us need the occasional reminder that it’s still there.

Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu!

-Dr. Lee Dunteman, GA, DoGA (still impressive, right?)

Chief Epicure and Ethanolmixologist

-Take it easy, but take it musik herunterladen auf mp4 player!




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