Hákarl: the Best Putrid Shark Meat You’ll Ever Taste

Eating Hákarl In Iceland from Jesse Keller on Vimeo. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sampling Hákarl, an Icelandic delicacy made from what most people describe as putrid or rotten Greenland Shark meat, but what the museum1/Hákarl producer in the video above pointed out was not rotten but rather fermented rätsel spiele kostenlosen. Hákarl is made by burying chunks of Greenland Shark in the earth for several weeks, then hanging it out to dry for several more. This leeches out the ammonia that is naturally present in Greenland Shark due to its lack of kidneys, making the finished product nearly edible, at least when accompanied by several shots of Brennevin (the local schnapps) windows movie maker deutsch kostenlos. Still, a significant amount of ammonia remains in the Hákarl, so while the consistency is definitely that of fish, the taste makes one think of old cheese soaked in Mr avast free antivirus chip for free german. Clean.

  1. While listed as a museum in the Lonely Planet, it appeared to be more of a random collection of taxidermied animals and seafaring paraphernalia, with a few photos and a bowl of Hákarl

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  1. Adventure, sometimes it smells like urine and tastes like cheese! Cheers to the gent with the Brennevin!


    P.S. captcha = culture deralle
    P.P.S. I am so jealous.

  2. That is totally a great adventures! Though the description that it smells like urine and tastes like cheese makes me vomits!lols Thank you for sharing to us this great adventures and introducing to us this exotic food Hákarl.

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