Of Snowcapped Mountains, Giant Fish, and Naval Combat

Tall Ship Combat
My brother Kellen is on the precipice of falling from the not-nearly-as-noble-as-advertised bachelor ranks tvnow videos herunterladen. As I was unable to attend his bachelor party weekend, I offered to join him on a bicycling jaunt around town. He graciously accepted and the result was a day of snowcapped mountains, giant fish, and naval combat, which you might have guessed from the title of this post magenta sport.
As Kellen’s idea of a bachelor party puts a great deal of stress on the “gentleman” half of “gentlemen adventurer,” the end of his life as an independent, thinking person had a much different tone than similar celebrations in the League’s history icloud fotomediathek alle fotos herunterladen. And by that, I mean the mountains we saw were actual mountains. We met downtown, hopped on our respective bikes and rode 10.8 miles (if Google is to be trusted) to Cabrillo National Monument prosieben app downloaden.

San Diego Panoramic - from Cabrillo

On the way, we passed through the Navy’s Point Loma base musik umsonsten. Talk about prime real estate! If the US government ever decided to abandon the defense of the Pacific coastline, they could make a pretty penny off of the sale of that land strategiespieleen. Keep that in mind, politicians. That’s a plan that can’t possibly fail twice.

Click on the link for giant fish!


Seedy Soiree: Halloween with The Burning of Rome

Don your masks, sharpen your fangs, and perfect your impish grin wie kostenlos musiken! Halloween is upon us!  It’s the time of year when the wall between this world and the next crumbles to dust.  Spirits evil and vile will be free to cross over and walk among us trauerbilder kostenlosen.  But do not fear.  The centuries have proven that these spirits can be fooled.  All you must do is make them believe you are one of them.  So for one night, become a devil, a demon, a ghost or a goblin – any wicked creature of your imagination – and join us at this nefarious drinking establishment dm fotoparadies herunterladen.  The LGA is hard at work preparing a host of decorations to transform the Ruby Room into a delightful nightmare.  Entertainment shall begin with a never-before-seen burlesque fetish freakshow, Pink Boombox netflix on apple.  Then, we shall have a ghoul’s night out with the most devilish band in the land, The Burning of Rome, who will be performing an entire set of songs by The Misfits scratch download nederlands for free.

Event Details:
Seedy Soiree
Nighttime, Saturday, October 30th
The Ruby Room, 1271 University Ave, San Diego
Tickets can be purchased at the door for $15 or for $12 in the online presale dynageo for free.

Please let us know your coming on Facebook!

Dante in the Arena of Verona

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The Arena of Verona

Special Event: Dante’s Divine Comedy in the Arena of Verona unibet app downloaden nederland. When this poster presented itself to me and my wife yesterday evening, I was intrigued. When I read that this opera would be on stage just one night – that very evening – I immediately understood that all of the obligations, charters, bylaws, codes, and maxims of the gentleman adventurer canon demanded that we attend.*

The Romans built the amphitheater in Verona in 30 AD herunterladen. Despite the Romans’ best efforts to wreck the place with civil wars; nonstop invasions by Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Byzantines, Lombards, and Charlemagne; and a strictly-enforced anti-bridge policy imposed by the Nazis, the arena is still just as much an amphitheatre now as it was two millennia ago withelke popcorn time. And wow could the Romans build themselves some sweet amphitheatres.

Click the link or you’ll end up in the Fifth Circle of Hell. And you don’t want that app von youtube herunterladen. Really, you don’t.

Hungarian Ska on a Ukranian Ship in the Danube

“The pilot is sick,” the Hungarian in front of me said herunterladen. I’ve always kind of assumed that major airlines had contingencies for what is presumably a common occurrence among jet-flying folk (at least as common as among the rest of us) popcorn time downloaden mac. It turns out they do have a contingency: they cancel the flight. So I got a bonus day in Budapest. Normally, I would consider this a particularly sweet deal, but I had absolutely ruined myself in a forced march around the city the day before herunterladen. I had only one free day after a work conference and I figured that I’d better see every square foot – err… meter – of Budapest herunterladen. So I did. No goulash peddler went unseen by my eye. But my carefully laid plans called for a just-short-of-death exhaustion to set in only seconds after finding my seat on the plane worms herunterladen. Delta deviously foiled those plans.

After sleeping past my alarm and awaking in the airport hotel, I had two choices: take the long bus and metro ride back to Budapest to take advantage of my few remaining hours in Hungary or join the rest of my canceled plane compadres and enjoy the BBC and complimentary dinner until morning arrived appsen pc. As you have likely deduced by the fact that I am writing about it, I chose the latter option and ended up at A38. I won crossy road kostenlos herunterladen.

Click the link to read about the one and only The Pannonia All Stars Ska Orchestra.