Looking into the Future from 1911

People tend to look towards the future at this time of year what with the New Year and all… Wondering not only what the next year will bring, but the next decade. Perhaps even the next century! With that in mind, here‘s a great interview from 1911 (courtesy of Paleofuture) where Thomas Edison guesses what life will be like for us here in 2011. More after the jump…

That Machine also tells the future... What? It can do other things! Why shouldn't it?


The Seriously Final Frontier

Women and jet packs had better be included in the first trip...

If the opening monologue of every Star Trek series (except Enterprise of course; what was up with that theme song?) is to be believed, space is the final frontier. The first step into that frontier – 1969’s Apollo moon landing – is considered one of Mankind’s greatest achievements. Unfortunately, we haven’t been back since 1972 and the moon colonies that science fiction always told us we’d have remain science fiction. Worse, many space-minded experts now say that there isn’t much point. They argue that the future lies not in going back to the moon, but in going forward to Mars.

Of course, this proposal presents a number of technical hurdles to overcome in and of itself. After all, reaching Mars with the goal of studying it and eventually colonizing it means we have to master not only getting there safely, but also getting back. Or does it?


Pictures from the Seedy Soiree

Another Halloween is sadly behind us. Thank you to The Ruby Room, Pink Boombox and The Burning of Rome for making it a great night! I hope everyone had fun and if you didn’t make it out to our party this year, we hope to see you at the Second Annual International Invitational Croquet Tournament and Symposium. Here (finally) are our pictures from the “Seedy Soiree” on Halloween night.

We also have some additional pictures here thanks to Angela Carone, the editor of the KPBS Culture Lust blog.
Thank you to everyone who made it out and we hope to see you next year!

A Call to Adventure: The Return to Ghost Mountain!

A cold wind has been blowing across LGA Manor recently. The shadows fall a bit longer across the floor. Noises heard that cannot be explained. Is it the last throes of winter? Perhaps my tinnitus acting up again? Or is it something more sinister? Something… supernatural? It’s time to put these unexplained occurrences, these spectral suppositions to rest my friends. It’s time to announce the LGA’s next adventure. It’s time… for our Return to Ghost Mountain!


A Bitter Shortage

See? Now THAT is the face of a woman who understands how important this story is!

As some of you may have noticed, the world has (since September of last year) been experiencing a steadily worsening shortage which could very well have shaken the foundation of LGA Manor. I was shocked to find that none of the major networks had the courage to even mention this story, much less give it the full 24 hour coverage it deserved.
Perhaps they were simply trying to avoid sparking a worldwide panic, but the world deserved to know just how close to the brink it really was. I speak of course, about the shortage of Angostura bitters (fortunately the LGA Manor has a set of reserves for just these sorts of emergencies).