Eleven Great Things About Rum


Yo ho ho, 7 bottles of rum!

Rum is a wonderful spirit, whether mixed in cocktails or slowly sipped google karten herunterladen.  Unfortunately, many people are only familiar with it as a rum and coke, overly sweet girly cocktails or as the dangerous rum punches found at summer parties emr tarif 590.  In order to increase drinkers’ awareness of this delightful dram, The LGA presents a list of Eleven Great Things About Rum!


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The Theory of the Double Saturday

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As it is now summertime- the American season for family holidays- it occurs to me that I have been remiss in my duties as a Gentleman Adventurer adobe acrobat reader dc download free pdf-viewer for.  I believe it is our duty to share our collected and earned wisdom, preferably in long form humorous storytelling.  If that fails, then it must be posted on a blog games for free in full german.


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Whiskey neat or on the rocks?

Gin or Vodka in a martini?

Eggs for breakfast or Bloody Marys for brunch?

These are easy to answer* herunterladen.  The true struggle of man over himself is whether to embrace the proper and accommodating Gentleman or side with the devil may care Adventurer.  At no time in recent memory has this psychological tug-of-war been closer to the forefront of modern consciousness than now patience gratis downloaden voor ipad. The inter-tubes rage over who’s trouser bottom truly belongs in the chap hop throne; Professor Elemental or Mr. B, the Gentleman Rhymer?

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That is a dress I could get in to…

Alright, fashion industry, I take back some of the things I have said about you.

A hot model in a robot dress that makes drinks?  This may be a little too soon, but… I love you illegal herunterladen.

I found this on IO9, hit the link for pics and info spotify mac herunterladen.  Special thanks to Lauren Davis.

And people label most sci-fi futures “dystopian”.  For shame libre office gratis downloaden nederlands!