Destination, Japan…sort of.


2010 is here, and adventure is the only thing for it!  Shrinking savings and disapearing careers have a tendency to cramp the adventurer’s style, so in that light we are attempting to have experiences closer to home and easier on the wallet, while still maintaining a quality of adventure.  Our first endeavour?  Eating out, Japanese salaryman style!


Spectacles, testicles, wallet & watch. What did you bring?

Now, I am not stating that one should carry all of the following at the same time (as that would seriously interfere with your mobility), what I am saying is that these things are invaluable in circumstances when nothing else will do.

Uh, guys... little help!

I now present the top ten(ish) list of gentlemanly adventuresome accouterments…


Knives as Personal Effects

While on adventure, or about the house, the importance of a good knife should not be overlooked or under appreciated. 

I carry a knife with me almost everywhere, generally a small folding pocket knife.  Maybe it is just me, but I find uses for it everywhere; opening letters and DVDs, cleaning fingernails, removing zip ties and packing straps, trimming errant flowers from a brides arrangement, cutting limes and stirring cocktails.  I just feel a bit better prepared for the day when I have it, kind of like carrying a bottle opener.

“Excuse me, does anyone have a knife?”

Of course,  How can I help?

From the top; KAI Vapor, CRKT  M16-10z

A few Words on Proper Provisioning for an Adventure

While the excitement of adventure is enough to keep us going out, the pleasure of a properly provisioned outing adds the gentlemen to the adventure. I truly felt like a gent when sipping a gin and tonic, ice clinking and lime floating, while enjoying a platter of cured sausages, pate, cheese, olives and a crusty french baguette. I felt like a gentlemen adventurer as I enjoyed those things in the ruins atop Ghost Mountain.

The basic ideas of preparation are as follows. These are ideas from which you can build plans. Plans which you can carry out to glorious success!