New T-Shirt! Tennessee, I can see your luggage

For those of you who know how embarrassing it can be to have everyone see your luggage, you’ll also know how much Tennessee seemed to enjoy showing it off. For you, the LGA Office of Propaganda presents this shirt.

For those of you not in the know… you’ll have to go back into the archives and listen to this.

This shirt will first be available at our First Annual Invitational International Croquet Tournament and Symposium! If you haven’t yet, write in or comment on the Tournament post and we’ll save you a spot!

Seriously Tennessee... put your luggage away

Please Stand By…

Our apologies faithful adventurers, recent events have caused all of us here at the LGA Manor to be unavailable for podcasts or posts. We’re terribly sorry and thank you for your patience while we adjust to the loss of our recorder, audio editor and equipment man all via Gentleman Jesse leaving to start the Los Angeles Chapter of the League of Gentleman Adventurers. Our loss is their gain. We all wish you the best Sir and look forward to your eventual return!

Please Stand By...

The Hippocratini

This also would have been appropriate for the "Hawkeye" Pierce School of Medicine...

In honor of our drinking podcast…

This design was suggested to me by Gentlemen Jesse and Lee. During their travels abroad, they discovered a sign featuring the staff with a snake intertwining it that symbolizes medicine or pharmacies (the Rod of Asclepius, although the Caduceus is also occasionally used) and both mistook the staff for a martini glass. Read into that what you will, but both agreed that the healing powers of the martini surely exceed anything available over the counter.

As regular listeners and/or readers have no doubt noticed, the League strongly supports drinking with both leisurely and adventurous activities. With that, I now present what we here at the LGA have deemed, “The Hippocratini”. The symbol of approval for drinking as the cause of, and solution to, many of life’s problems.

Caution: Gentleman Adventuring!

I was walking in San Diego recently when, as I waited at a crosswalk, I noticed  that the nearby “Pedestrian Crossing” sign had been defaced. Someone had rather crudely drawn a big pair of googlie eyes on the poor chap trying to cross the street on the sign. This turned out to be a moment of inspiration for me and upon returning home, I sat down and sketched out this piece.

There are so many signs trying to call attention to so many things. It became clear to me that something people will want to watch for in the future will undoubtedly be a proper Gentleman Adventuring…


Caution: Gentleman Adventuring!

Gregory’s Gallery: Floating Away

I’m quite happy with how this picture turned out, mostly because of the explanation I got when I presented it to the other Gentlemen. Someone mentioned matter-of-factly what was happening in the picture, at which point an entire discussion occured regarding what everyone else thought was going on. No two people had the same answer and that was exactly what I wanted out of this. So please, if you enjoy this piece, feel free to post your first thoughts on what you believe is happening in this picture. Doesn’t have to be epic or poetic, I just really love to hear the story that people come up with in their heads when they look at this.

What do you think is happening here?