UPDATE! Croquet Time Again… just a later than we thought…

The Second Annual Invitational International
Croquet Tournament and Symposium:

Saturday May 21st starting at 11am!

The tournament will take place at the corner of Presidents Way and Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

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Sorry for any confusion, but due to circumstances beyond even the LGA, we’ve found it necessary to push the date back for the Second Annual Invitational International Croquet Tournament and Symposium.

So update your calenders folks, because the IICTS will now be happening in Balboa Park on Saturday, May 21st! Nothing else has changed! We’ll start at 11am and the entry fee is still just $10! Reserve your space below!

You just can't find a better time in the city for $10... at least not legally


Happy Birthday Jules Verne!

As anyone with internet access who uses Google has probably figured out, today is Jules Verne’s birthday. His 183rd birthday to be exact. This man is one of the fathers of the modern adventure story. He wrote stories about traveling through air, into space and underwater before any of that was even remotely realistically possible.

And just in case you don’t know exactly what stories this man wrote, let me toss a few names out there for you. Journey to the Center of the Earth. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Around the World in Eighty DaysFrom the Earth to the Moon (which you may know better by the film version… that’s the one of the moon with that big bullet in its eye). He even had a book published in 1994 (thanks to being found in his safe by his grandson. Er… the book was in the safe that is, not Jules Verne) titled Paris in the Twentieth Century. It was a 1863 vision of what Paris would be like in 1960. And, scary enough, he’s pretty close (closer than Edison anyway).