Pictures from the Seedy Soiree

Another Halloween is sadly behind us. Thank you to The Ruby Room, Pink Boombox and The Burning of Rome for making it a great night! I hope everyone had fun and if you didn’t make it out to our party this year, we hope to see you at the Second Annual International Invitational Croquet Tournament and Symposium. Here (finally) are our pictures from the “Seedy Soiree” on Halloween night.

We also have some additional pictures here thanks to Angela Carone, the editor of the KPBS Culture Lust blog.
Thank you to everyone who made it out and we hope to see you next year!

A Call to Adventure: The Return to Ghost Mountain!

A cold wind has been blowing across LGA Manor recently. The shadows fall a bit longer across the floor. Noises heard that cannot be explained. Is it the last throes of winter? Perhaps my tinnitus acting up again? Or is it something more sinister? Something… supernatural? It’s time to put these unexplained occurrences, these spectral suppositions to rest my friends. It’s time to announce the LGA’s next adventure. It’s time… for our Return to Ghost Mountain!