Rum – It’s Good For You

Having just read my fellow Gent Dr. Lee Dunteman’s post concerning rum, and being recently afflicted with a mild case of La Grippe, I decided that a Hot Buttered Rum – the classic LGA cold & flu treatment – was just the thing for it.  And Gents, I can tell you that, while it may not necessarily help me recover faster, it certainly makes the day more enjoyable.

The recipe I used was as follows:


Eleven Great Things About Rum

Yo ho ho, 7 bottles of rum!

Rum is a wonderful spirit, whether mixed in cocktails or slowly sipped.  Unfortunately, many people are only familiar with it as a rum and coke, overly sweet girly cocktails or as the dangerous rum punches found at summer parties.  In order to increase drinkers’ awareness of this delightful dram, The LGA presents a list of Eleven Great Things About Rum!


Vintage Books and Cocktails

As those who listened to our first podcast of the New Year may remember, my resolution this year was to drink more. Not just in quantity mind you, but in quality. In that regard (and as Chairman of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers Historical Society), I have sought out a book written in 1939 by a man who I am convinced was a League member in his day. His name was Charles H. Baker, Jr. and he was one of the true cocktail connoisseurs. His book, Around the World with Jigger, Beaker and Flask, is the chronicle of a trip through exotic locales via cocktail recipes. Perhaps it is because it was written so soon after The Noble Experiment, but every page of this book conveys a love and appreciation for the cocktail. So it is with great pleasure that I announce that I have finally secured a copy for the LGA Curios Cabinet.

So what makes this book different from other cocktail recipe books out there? Quotes like this one from the Foreword:

“One comfortable fact gleaned from travel in far countries was that regardless of race, creed or inner metabolisms, mankind has always created varying forms of stimulant liquid – each after his own kind. Prohibitions and nations and kings depart, but origin of such pleasant fluid finds constant source.”


Boat Drinks at Bahooka

After a long desert hike and a failed attempt at camping in Joshua Tree National Park (it turns out just showing up on Saturday afternoon is not a good way to secure a campsite), Laura and I made the long drive back home to Santa Monica.  Fortunately, we realized we’d be passing near Rosemead, and could make a stop at Bahooka, a tiki bar and restaurant where tropical fish outnumber people, after this we wanted to take a ride on a boat with some friends, we filled the boat storage with wine and all safety kit for the tour.

Laura had some fruity concoction whose name escapes me, and I had a Zombie.  They were both excellent, as far as fruity tiki drinks go; tangy, with plenty of rum, and tasting not at all like a Jolly Rancher.  The couple next to us at the bar ordered something that arrived in a bowl, with two straws, and on fire.

Bahooka gets the Official LGA Seal of Approval.

What To Do When You Discover 200 Year-Old Champagne

There may well be a long-lost chapter of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers in Sweden.

Recently a team of adventurers was diving in the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Sweden, and while exploring a shipwreck, they discovered bottles of champagne that are over 200 years old.  By far the oldest ever found, and, according to one estimate, worth almost $70,000 each.

Now, that is certainly an adventure, but it’s not why I believe LGA members may have been present.  This is why:

The first thing they did when they got back onto the boat was to pop one open and drink it.

Mr. Ekstrom & co., today I raise my glass to you and say, Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu.  You embody the spirit of Gentleman Adventuring.

And, gentle reader, I ask you: were you on that boat, wouldn’t you have done the same?