Prohibition: A Refuge for Grown-Ups in the Gaslamp

It’s around 10pm, and Lee, Greg, and I are looking for a bar. Not just any bar; we’re surrounded by bars, actually, with thumping music and flashing lights, and crowds of people who look and act like they just turned 21, whether they’re in their 20s, 30s, or 40s iphone chrome herunterladen. We are in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, and we are looking for Prohibition.

We pass a nondescript doorway wedged between two nightclubs herunterladen. No sign, just an address. Lee squints at it. Is that the one? No. We keep walking, past a group of eight or ten young guys, all wearing polo shirts with the collars turned up, all walking unsteadily and staring off into space with the vacant look of someone so drunk they can’t hold a coherent thought youtube musik herunterladen online.

Another doorway Buy and horse games online. It is also flanked by unpleasantly Gaslampy bars. The frosted glass window displays the name of a law firm. This is it, Lee says. We walk past a small gate, ring a doorbell, and wait rollercoaster tycoon download for free.

The door opens a crack. Nobody comes out. Lee looks around the corner. There is a man in a suit.

“Can I help you?”


White Dog, White Lightning, Mountain Dew

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A great new article in the New York Times talks about how moonshine (aka White Dog, White Lightning, or (don’t sue me Pepsi) Mountain Dew) is surging in popularity among the cocktail cognoscenti.  What they’re talking about is raw, un-aged liquor straight out of the still – just like grandpappy made it way back in the hills windows foto viewer downloaden.

I highly recommend the above article, and I also highly recommend that any gentleman (or gentlelady) adventurer with a predilection to tippling give moonshine a try.  Ideally, this should be clear spirits of questionable provenance, served out of a mason jar or other recycled container.  My first moonshine experience was lao lao – homemade Laotian rice whiskey served from a 7-Up bottle while riding on the roof of a bus from Luang Prabang to Vientiane how to download videos.

If the homemade stuff that can cause blindness is not available locally where you are, however, you could do worse than trying some of the new brands mentioned in the NYT garry's mod for free.

Oh, and while you’re searching, please enjoy this ode to clear spirits by the great George Jones:

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A Hamburger for Adventurers

Yesterday, my father was up here in LA, visiting me and picking up his visa for an upcoming trip to Shanghai. Lunchtime was coming up, so naturally I checked the Twitter feed on my phone herunterladen.

The new rage here in Los Angeles is food trucks that park somewhere in the city, and then tweet their location to foodies citywide. I scanned my list of food tweets – Korean bbq tacos, the Indian Dosa Truck, etc., – and then a tweet caught my eye herunterladen. “Try our new fois gras burg!” from the Grill Em All truck, parked just a few minutes away in Hollywood arduino sketch herunterladen.

That seemed to embody the LGA maxim, “If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth overdoing.” So we hightailed it out there. And, wow o2 internet settings. Let me tell you – you have not lived unless you have tried the fried egg, potato chip, and fois gras burger they call a Lars (named, I assume, for the esteemed Mr pictures for your birthday for free. Ulrich).

Gents, next time you’re in LA, check it out.
Lars, by Grill Em All

Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu herunterladen.

Destination, Japan…sort of.

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2010 is here, and adventure is the only thing for it!  Shrinking savings and disapearing careers have a tendency to cramp the adventurer’s style, so in that light we are attempting to have experiences closer to home and easier on the wallet, while still maintaining a quality of adventure.  Our first endeavour?  Eating out, Japanese salaryman style wie kann ich youtube videos downloaden kostenlos!


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How to Make a Gin and Tonic

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After a bit of a slumber – I assure you we were off on many an adventurous escapade, we bring you this video in which Lee Dunteman, Chief Ethanolmixologist of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers, shares how he makes the perfect gin and tonic windows 10 update neu herunterladen. He recommends two ounces of gin, six to eight ounces of tonic water (preferably Fever Tree), and a squeeze of citrus herunterladen.