Brush up on your mixology

Our chapter of the League of Gentlemen Adventurers is lucky enough to have a fine ethanol-mixologist in Dr. Lee A. Dunteman, so we never lack for quality refreshments. If you don’t happen to have a master of the imbibulatory arts as friend & travel companion, we highly recommend the new website,


Drink Skool is owned & operated by men whose names will likely be familiar to anyone who takes their drinking seriously: Dale DeGroff, David Wondrich, Doug Frost, Andy Seymour, F. Paul Pacult, and Steven Olson. These gents have been redefining the way America drinks for quite some time now, and for the better. On their site, you can learn everything you might need to know about the Gentlemanly Art of mixing cocktails, from lessons on ingredients, to videos on shaking and stirring techniques, to an essential skill that many bartenders’ guides neglect–knowledge of booze-related trivia.

Drink Skool certainly gets the LGA Seal of Approval.

6th Meeting: Guns & Ammo

Wherein the Gents discuss a recent trip to the shooting range, what guns they shot, and whether cocktails are a necessary (or appropriate) accompaniment to firearms. Also some discussion, and disagreement, as to the utility of firearms for home defense.

On the Agenda:

  1. Opening Toast, by Lee Dunteman
  2. Open Discussion on the subject of “Guns and Ammo”
  3. Amazing Contraptions: The Davy Crocket
  4. Closing Toast, by Gregory Bass