A Hamburger for Adventurers

Yesterday, my father was up here in LA, visiting me and picking up his visa for an upcoming trip to Shanghai. Lunchtime was coming up, so naturally I checked the Twitter feed on my phone herunterladen.

The new rage here in Los Angeles is food trucks that park somewhere in the city, and then tweet their location to foodies citywide. I scanned my list of food tweets – Korean bbq tacos, the Indian Dosa Truck, etc., – and then a tweet caught my eye herunterladen. “Try our new fois gras burg!” from the Grill Em All truck, parked just a few minutes away in Hollywood arduino sketch herunterladen.

That seemed to embody the LGA maxim, “If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth overdoing.” So we hightailed it out there. And, wow o2 internet settings. Let me tell you – you have not lived unless you have tried the fried egg, potato chip, and fois gras burger they call a Lars (named, I assume, for the esteemed Mr pictures for your birthday for free. Ulrich).

Gents, next time you’re in LA, check it out.
Lars, by Grill Em All

Quam bene vivas refert, non quam diu herunterladen.