In the Merry Month of June…

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It’s before dawn and I’m up making my final preparations. Checking that the necessary supplies are in order. And just now as I write this, I remember that I’ve forgotten something very important – my flask! How could I even consider setting out for the birthplace of Jameson and Bushmill’s without it?

This will be among my shortest trips ever; a mere ten days. But previous experience has taught me that a great adventure can be had in a short time, if only you remember to keep the scope of the trip limited to what is achievable in the alloted time. So my plan is to spend a few days enjoying Dublin, and then to bus out to Dingle, where I will walk the Dingle Way around that rugged penninsula, bus from Tralee back to Dublin, and fly home.

Experience has also taught me that most planning before a trip is next to worthless when the realities of the Road intervene, so my secondary plan is to ditch all this planning and wing it.